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In-House Dental Membership Savings Plan In Matthews
near Charlotte, NC

In-House Dental Membership Savings Plan In Matthews near Charlotte, NC

No Insurance? No Problem, We've Got You All Covered!

Navigating dental care without insurance can be financially intimidating. That is why we at Matthews Dental Spa are dedicated to providing exceptional dental services complemented by flexible payment options.

Do Any of These Situations Apply to You?

  • Struggling with missing teeth?
  • In need of dental implants?
  • Lacking proper dental insurance?
  • Seeking urgent dental attention due to retirement or upcoming retirement?
  • About to lose your dental insurance coverage?
  • Unhappy with your existing dental insurance plan?

If you find yourself nodding along, you might just have discovered the perfect solution with us. Our in-house dental membership plans in Matthews, NC are tailored for comfort, eliminating the hassles that make dental care stressful. We offer a coverage system with the following:

  • NO initial fees for plan activation
  • NO paperwork hassles
  • NO frustrating waiting periods
  • ABSOLUTELY no annual limits
  • ZERO exclusion on replacements
  • NO need for pre-approvals
  • NO clauses excluding missing teeth! (*all procedures are eligible)

Join us to embrace a worry-free dental service and ensure your smile’s health without the stress usually associated with dental care payment and procedures.

About Our Dental Membership Savings Plan

At Matthews Dental Spa, our dental membership savings plan is designed not just for those requiring extensive dental care, but also for those who have healthy teeth and aim to keep them that way – all while benefiting from reduced yearly expenses.

Our exclusive in-house dental plan ensures that both you and your family can make significant savings, especially when everyone requires dental coverage.

No insurance? No problem! If you or your family members are in need of dental care but lack insurance, look no further. With our membership plan, you can prioritize your oral health without the constraints of traditional insurance.

Get Dental Coverage Without Dental Insurance With Our Affordable In-House Dental Benefit Plan in Matthews Near Charlotte, NC

We understand that not everyone benefits from dental insurance, and even if you do, it might not cover all the treatments you require. To address this, we’ve introduced a comprehensive dental savings plan starting at just $299/year. This plan provides full or partial coverage for a wide range of dental procedures.

Our dentist in Matthews, near Charlotte, understands the importance of regular check-ups and cleanings and does not want concerns over costs to deter you from reaching out, even for sudden toothaches. Our savings plan encompasses a range of services, from preventative to restorative and urgent dental care, ensuring that you get cost-effective care without unexpected expenses.

Fully Covered Dental Services

  • Adult Cleaning: Two sessions annually
  • Child Cleaning: Two sessions annually
  • Ongoing Gum Maintenance: Two sessions annually
  • Fluoride Applications: Two sessions annually (applicable for children aged 13 or younger)
  • Oral Cancer Assessments: Two sessions annually
  • One Comprehensive Dental Exam
  • Routine Dental Check-Up: Two sessions annually
  • Limited Dental Check-Up: Two sessions annually
  • Complete Mouth X-Ray Scan: One session every three years
  • Intermediate X-Rays (Bitewings): One session annually
  • Initial Detailed X-Ray (Periapical, first film)
  • Additional Detailed X-Rays (Periapical, two more films)
  • Wide-View Mouth Scan (Panoramic): One session every three years

Partially Covered Dental Services

  • Specialized Gum Treatments: (30% coverage)
  • Periodontal Maintenance Visits: Two additional sessions (30% coverage)
  • Aesthetic Tooth Filling: (30% coverage)
  • Structural Tooth Repair (Core Build-Up): (30% coverage)
  • Advanced Tooth Restoration (Crown-Bridge): (30% coverage)
  • Root Canal Therapy: (30% coverage)
  • Partials/Dentures: (30% coverage)
  • Tooth Removal (Extraction): (30% coverage)
  • Dental Sealants (Protective Tooth Coatings): (20% coverage)
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures: (20% coverage)

This dental savings plan is designed not only for individuals requiring extensive dental work, but also for those in pursuit of maintaining their impeccable oral health. This approach ensures they can uphold their dental well-being cost-effectively all year round.

Considering the standard expenses associated with routine dental procedures over the course of a year, one can readily understand how these costs accumulate rapidly.

Service Standard Fees In-House Fees
Comprehensive Dental Exam $111 $0
Periodic Exam $61 $0
Adult Cleaning $108 $0
Complete Mouth X-Ray Scan $151 $0
Panoramic $131 $0
Total $562 $0

Our In-House Dental Benefits Plan Premiums

Our dental coverage begins at $299 annually. However, if you’re seeking dental protection for your entire family, our pricing allows for even greater savings. Here’s how our pricing breaks down:

Guide to Enrolling in Our In-House Dental Savings Membership Club

There are no specific criteria you need to meet to join our dental savings plan. Our in-house dental savings plans offer many advantages of conventional dental insurance, minus the drawbacks. Just ensure that you utilize the plan at our dentist’s office in Matthews, near Charlotte, NC, and adhere to the plan’s terms. By doing so, you’ll receive outstanding dental services at a cost-friendly rate.

Our Dental Savings Plan Terms

To benefit from our dental plan’s savings, members of our dental savings membership club must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • This plan cannot be combined with any other dental plans or financing options.
  • If you choose to pay with CareCredit, the plan’s discount will decrease by 10%.
  • Plan benefits cannot be shifted to another plan, and there will be no refunds for any procedures undertaken.
  • Our plan exclusively covers dental treatments; spa services are billed separately.
  • If a specialist carries out a procedure due to a referral, the discount won’t be applied.
  • In cases of dental treatments following injuries tied to lawsuits, external medical attention, disability, or workman’s compensation insurance, the plan’s discount will not be valid.
  • Any remaining patient costs (if not fully covered by the plan) are due on the service day.

Enroll in Our Dental Membership Savings Plan in Matthews Near Charlotte, NC Today!

At Matthews Dental Spa, we prioritize your dental well-being, ensuring a comfortable experience for every visit, regardless of the procedure you’re undergoing. That’s why we offer comprehensive in-house dental membership savings plans in Matthews near Charlotte, NC to make dental care available and accessible to everyone.

Don’t allow dental care costs to stand in the way of your ideal smile. Schedule an appointment or call our dentist’s office in Matthews today at 704-847-1000 to learn how you can sign up for our comprehensive dental savings plan for yourself and your loved ones!

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